It’s Never Been Easier To Freelance From Abroad

These days any place with an Internet connection can be a workspace, whether it’s in New York or Thailand.

The Cost Of A Bruised Tailbone

I started using my credit card for things I shouldn’t, like daily take-out, more Uber rides, Amazon movie rentals, and sad online shopping. I racked up nearly $500.

Work-Life Balance Over The Holidays, Freelancer Edition

While others see the holidays as an opportunity to decompress, I seem them as a time to do more work.

House Hunters Int’l, Billfold Edition: A Mortgage With A View

Once we take on a mortgage, my expectation is that it will eat up every penny we ever make until the day we die.

How People Who Are Also in Musicals Do Work

I’m still unreasonably unnerved at the thought of being secretly “off work” for 42 hours.