WWYD: Porn Star BF Asks Porn Star GF to Quit Work Because Love

We are all worse at managing our own romantic lives — and occasionally our professional choices — than Miley Cyrus is at getting dressed.

Parent Penalty FOR MOMS ONLY Blah Blah Blah Let’s Talk About Something More Cheerful

The Value of College, in Chart Form

The Real World Cost of a $22 Gadget

The Working Women Who Came Before Us

On April 8, President Obama signed an executive order to address unequal pay for women among federal contractors. In his speech on the issue, he promised, “We are going to work to make sure that our daughters have the same chance to pursue their dreams as our sons.” It horrifies me that in an era of delivery drones, equal pay is at the forefront of the feminist movement. Sometimes I get a panicky feeling—is this it? Will it ever be better?

Chatting About Amusement Parks

Ester: Good morning, Meaghan! I have the song “Fancy” in my head, which is especially roughly since I know about five of the words. How are you?

Meaghan: You mean by Reba McEntire? Wow you are having a better Friday than I am. I’m good! I’m excited we made it through the week, and without publishing any men at that. How are you? Do you have any PLANS this weekend?

Overheard At The Coffeeshop: A Play In One Act

When I walked into my local coffeeshop this morning a middle-aged guy coming back in from being on the phone almost let the door slam in my face. I took note of his thinning hair and zip-up sweater, then when I sat down near him I was not surprised to hear him holding court with a slightly older guy, talking about his days on Wall Street over pie and coffee. There was definite bravado. Definite, “Wait have I told you this before, man?” “No, I’m just imagining what would happen.” “Oh, ok, ok.”

Women in Favor of Increasing the Minimum Wage

Payscale, a company that provides compensation information, asked 11,000 of its users last December whether they believed the minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour.