Finland Is Testing Basic Income, But Not for the Reasons You Think

Finland is testing a new basic income plan that would, if successful, give people a flat amount of money every month.

Social Security Disability Fund Might Face Reserve Depletion in 2016

The Social Security Disability Insurance fund is scheduled to hit reserve depletion in 2016, and Social Security as a whole might hit reserve depletion in 2034.

Dutch City of Utrecht Announces Basic Income Experiment

Are you hoping Utrecht’s Basic Income experiment will be a huge success and might lead to Basic Income across the Netherlands and eventually the world?

Why Self-Driving Trucks Are an Argument for Basic Income

Scott Santens’ thesis is that we need to start planning now for a Basic Income because as we continue to automate jobs like truck driver, we’ll need some kind of basic survival income to provide for all the people who become unemployed.