An Unseasonably Warm Question of the Day

Are you buying a new winter coat this year? If you aren’t, is it because of global climate change?

Job Of The Day: Antarctic Post Office, Shop, Museum Manager

The BBC announced that the Antarctic Heritage Trust is seeking four seasonal workers to spend November to March at Port Lockroy, to “run the post office, shop and museum as well as carry out maintenance.”

The Financial Pains of Casanovas

Our hearts go out to the poor, sad Italian men who can only afford one scoop of gelato and no mistresses on the side. This BBC News story, hopefully written tongue-in-cheek, also includes a nutty interview with a “psychiatrist who specialises in men’s sexual problems.” [Thanks to Ariel for the story link!]

How Africa’s Middle Class Does Money

The BBC recently asked two Ivory Coast residents—one middle class, living on $20 a day, and one surviving just above the poverty line at $2 a day—how they get by.

Going, Going, Sold!

But it’s not common for me to actually bid on an item and track it for a few days. Nope! I find bidding on items a bit stressful, which is why I mostly use eBay’s “Buy It Now” section.