BBQ, KFC, In-N-Out

Every five years, Texas Monthly releases their list of Top 50 BBQ joints in Texas. BRB, flying to Texas to eat all of the BBQ.

A Thank You to My Daughter for Her Untraditional Wedding

Soon after her announcement, I received an e-mail invitation to a “Barbecue Wedding.” What? No official wedding invitations? The dress is casual, the invitation said. Casual? I read on. Please bring a dish? No filet mignon, or stuffed chicken?

Monday Check-In: A Wedding in Dallas

Good morning!

Let me tell y’all about this wedding in Dallas.

‘Broke Swan,’ a Poem in Free Verse About a Ballet Groupon

This ballet Groupon is definitely the opposite of the BBQ Groupon.
It is $40.

Unlimited BBQ and Beer: The Best or Worst $20 I Ever Did or Did Not Spend

Before Matt can answer our waitress arrives again, offering another pitcher as if Matt and I are two of the most normal people she’s ever seen. I look at her through narrowed eyes, cautious and skeptical. Matt has answered “Yes!” I glare back at him. Could he be trusted anymore? Could anyone?