The Cost of (Almost) Getting Bed Bugs in Los Angeles

There was no mistaking this captured family of bloodsuckers. Erin and Ben definitely had bed bugs.

When ‘Bugmaggedon’ Strikes

In The Washington Post Magazine, Jessica Goldstein details her experience of discovering bed bugs in her apartment.

Places I’ve Lived: Unwashed Dishes in Montreal, Wild Pigs in India and Roasted Marshmallows in Toronto

The Librarians Have it Under Control

One reason people may be buying books again: bed bugs in libraries.

In Search of a Place to Live

Two months ago I found, got, and lost my dream apartment over the course of 24 hours.

Free Things My Neighbors Give Away

My neighbors leave out things they don’t want.

The State of Things: Bugging Out, and Mr. Freeze

Mike: Logan, how has your week been going?

Logan: This whole week has been a total wash for me, Mike. I mean, there have been some high points, but I’ve basically just been in a haze of not doing work and spending money because I am obsessed with bed begs and they are all I can think about. Who can think of personal finances at a time like this? NOT ME.

Bed Bug Season, Hurrayyyy

How much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs?

Brokers vs. Bedbugs: Which is Worse?

Brokers and bedbugs are not unique to cities, but they are native to them, and inescapable. They are invasive parts of the eco-system, specifically the most vulnerable, personal part of it: your home. Neither can be ignored; neither, after you meet one, forgotten.