My Last $100: Turning 24 Like a Boss

I turned 24 last Tuesday, which (I think) means that I am no longer in my early twenties so I should probably stop shopping at Forever 21 and eating beef jerky for breakfast.

FAA Says No to Drones Delivering Beer

Drone deliveries are likely to be a part of our future, and with Wisconsin brewery Lakemaid already delivering beer to customers, the future is now! Except it shouldn’t be, at least according to the FAA. According to TechCrunch.

Jelly Beans For Men Who Like Complex Flavors

Thank you Businessweek for the hot tip that Jelly Belly is now making jelly beans for the patriarchy. The new flavors are BEER and chocolate-covered Tabasco. How masculine.

The Beer And Hotdogs Weren’t Free, But It Felt Like It

There is a baseball team in Madison, Wisconsin called the Mallards, a collegiate summer league team that plays in a ballpark affectionately known as the “Duck Pond.”

My Last Hundred Bucks: Books, Beer, and Burgers in Durham

How did you spend your last hundred bucks, Audrey Senna?

The Cost of a Bottle of Sutter Home at the Times Square Olive Garden + More Booze Facts


Unlimited BBQ and Beer: The Best or Worst $20 I Ever Did or Did Not Spend

Before Matt can answer our waitress arrives again, offering another pitcher as if Matt and I are two of the most normal people she’s ever seen. I look at her through narrowed eyes, cautious and skeptical. Matt has answered “Yes!” I glare back at him. Could he be trusted anymore? Could anyone?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Chorizo, Beer, and Books

$18 at happy hour at Beco in Williamsburg with my former coworker: a Bloody Maria, a beer, and a chorizo sandwich