The Trouble With Being Scrooge

I’ve always identified with Scrooge—both the Scrooge at the end of the story who sees that money well-spent can ameliorate human suffering, and, critically, the Scrooge at the beginning who hates spending so much he doesn’t heat his home or office and dines on free street-cart soup.

How Mrs. Frugalwoods Does Pregnancy, Pet Care, & Other Could-Be-Costly Things

How to keep saving over 70% of your income, even while pregnant.

Rambling Man: Help! Am I A Miser?

Miserly people are the ones who, like Scrooge before his ghost-induced epiphany, impose their frugality on others.

Weddings In Your 20s: How To Do Registries When You Can Barely Do Phone Bills

When you first start getting invited to weddings in your early 20s, it’s nerve-wracking. People close to your young age settling down with someone for life will inevitably make you start asking long-term questions about your own future, which is at best unwelcome and at worst terrifying.

Cutting Back In Tiny, Tiny Ways

Once the box of oatmeal runs out, though, I keep debating whether it’s worth picking up another. Shouldn’t I be eating avocado toast anyway? Or something with chia seeds?

How A Compulsive Worrier In The Midwest Does Money

“He makes sure I don’t go too far off the saving deep end, and I make sure we have enough money to pay all the bills.”

Cheap v. Frugal

There is a difference between Cheap and Frugal.