Friday Chatting About Perks Vs Benefits In Our Brave New World

Does the gig economy help people out of the underclass or create a whole new one?

The Benefits Crystal Ball

I should have consulted a clairvoyant before I went to the New Employee Orientation.

Taking a Year Off to Do What You Love, A Year Later

Cutting Benefits Because of ‘Distressed Babies’

Yesterday AOL CEO Tim Armstrong told employees during a company-wide conference call that AOL would be scaling back its 401(k) program and employer match. According to Joe Pompeo at Capital New York, Armstrong explained.

The Decline of Maternity Leave Is Affecting the Workforce

Bloomberg has a very good overview of how fully paid maternity leave has declined in the last decade and how this has affected women in the workforce.

Alternative Benefits of Unsalaried Labor

Babysitting: snacks

The Burger Joint with Excellent Pay and Benefits

In the Seattle Times Thanh Tan writes about Seattle-based burger joint Dick’s Drive In, which pays its employees $10 an hour to start with regular merit raises, a 401(k) retirement plan with employer match, up to three weeks of paid vacation, paid time for volunteer service, health and dental benefits, up to $22,000 in scholarships for employees working at least 20 hours a week while attending school, and up to $8,000 in child care assistance.

A Conversation With a Tax Accountant Who Earns $75,000 a Year

Michelle: I’m 26, a senior corporate tax accountant, and I live in Rockland County in N.Y.

Other Things to Ask for During Salary Negotiations

Last night, I was on a panel with bunch of fine people from around the Web answering questions from students about the ins and outs of working on the Internet. There was a moment when we started discussing salary negotiations, and Alex Leo and I stressed that you should always ask for what you’re worth, and that women have a tendency to undervalue themselves