Asking For It: Crowdfunding A Passion Project

One consequence of having friends for years is you get to see the changes that life brings. (Cue David Bowie ch-ch-ch-changes.) One of my best friends, playwright and performer Alexis Clements, is a lady who works hard, writes a ton, and explores widely. We met in 2000 while studying abroad in the Netherlands. We both liked to cook elaborate meals in hostel kitchens and traveled light. I was a poet and she was studying theater. In the time since then, she’s worked in museums & science institutions while exploring subjects as diverse as Ben Franklin, conversation, and pamphleteering in the greater New York area. In the mid-2000s, she moved to England and got a master’s in philosophy of science. Around the same time I went to grad school for poetry and dropped out after a year, afraid of the debt I was accruing.