How Should A (Rich) Person Be?

It’s always a pleasant surprise when the wealthiest of us do something impressive, yet low key, to help their fellow man.

A Billion Dollars in an Elevator: Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Business of Being Pop Culture Royalty

The footage of the fight went viral in part because we rarely see Beyoncé and Jay Z in situations that they do not control. But I’m not interested in the elevator; for me, Beyoncé’s version of damage control was much more captivating than the damage itself.

Producing a Beyoncé-themed Burlesque Show on a Budget: Part III

Turns out, people were ready for this jelly. “All the Single Ladies” sold out! My co-producer Calamity Chang and I didn’t just break even—we made some money, too. At the end of the night, I video-chatted with my boyfriend in LA to show him my wig and makeup, gently made it rain in my living room, and stumbled into bed. Within 24 hours, I was thinking the same thing I do when I turn in a piece of writing: “That was fun. Glad it’s over. What’s next?”

Monica Lewinsky, Job Hunter

Monica Lewinsky is 40 years old this year! And she has given an in-depth interview to Vanity Fair, where she declares it time to “burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She says she wants to stop tip-toeing around her past and ‘write her own ending to her story.’ I do like the sound of that.

The Labor of Being Famous

Anne Helene Peterson writes for The Baffler (together at last) about Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and the work it takes to manufacture celebrity. She talks about how we feel about certain celebrities has a lot to do with how they make, or don’t make, that labor visible. It is fun and smart, in typical AHP fashion.