Cara Ellison on Beyonce and the Economics of Dating

Is this the Rock Paper Shotgun of things I want to do with my time?

A Billion Dollars in an Elevator: Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Business of Being Pop Culture Royalty

The footage of the fight went viral in part because we rarely see Beyoncé and Jay Z in situations that they do not control. But I’m not interested in the elevator; for me, Beyoncé’s version of damage control was much more captivating than the damage itself.

Producing a Beyoncé-themed Burlesque Show on a Budget: Part II

Part two of a series, wherein the author attempts to answer the question, “Can I produce a NYC burlesque show without losing my shirt?”

Producing a Beyoncé-themed Burlesque Show on a Budget

It wasn’t long after I became friends with burlesque star and producer Calamity Chang through freelance work that I came up with the idea for Beylesque, a Beyoncé burlesque show to take place on or around the pop diva’s 33rd birthday. “It could be huge!” I said. “It’s underground meets mainstream pop. You could serve birthday cupcakes and have a dance-off/twerkout during intermission.”

The Cost of Seeing Beyoncé and Jay Z in Concert

I watched the trailer for Bey and Jay’s “On the Run” Tour the night it came out, but, like every stadium concert, I figured it would be too expensive and didn’t even think about buying tickets. I tend to save my money for trips (or for nothing, really) and have big issues with seeing a bunch of cash disappear on one night. Enter a mysterious friend of a friend who worked there and could get us tickets. “There?” you ask. At MetLife Stadium, for Beyoncé, or maybe for a vendor? Good question! I didn’t ask because I was too excited.

Keep It Short and Sweet When Quitting

Basically, as good as it might make you feel, it’s not time to vent about all the reasons you hate your job and the people you worked with as we learned from this “I Quit” email posted on Gawker last night.

Grab Bag Week: Ferns, Cities, and Beyoncé

Mike: So, Logan, every Friday we sort of scratch our heads and think, “What are we going to talk about for our Friday chat this week? We have chatted all the chats! There are no more chats!” Today we are going to do a grab bag. We each get three questions of whatever nature we want and will take turns asking them. Okay, I’ll start.

Tuesday Check-In

How were your weekends?

What Your Handwriting Says About You

The Guardian asked English novelist Philip Hensher to look at people’s handwriting and imagine what it revealed about the writer.

Concerts Don’t Have to Suck: The Rules

How to make your concert experience the best experience.