Billfold Housing Survey: What Is Your Dream House?

I wasn’t surprised by the way people responded to the first question—in fact, I would have been surprised if most of our readers hadn’t chosen the “it depends on where you are financially” answer. I was, however, surprised by the way people responded to the dream house question.

Billfold Housing Survey: What Obstacles Are Preventing Us From Becoming Homeowners?

Twenty-five percent of survey respondents are already homeowners (yay!) and 41 percent of repondents state that homeownership is one of their life goals.

Billfold Housing Survey Results: Where Do You Live?

This week, we’re looking at the results of our Billfold 10-Question Housing Survey. Today, I’m pairing together questions about where our readers live, and which recent Billfold real estate feature is most like their current living situation.

Billfold Housing Survey Results: What’s Your Home Like and Are You Happy There?

More Billfold readers live with a spouse or partner(s) than all other categories combined. The vast majority of us are happy enough with our living situation, but are thinking about changing things in the future. 146 of us, on the other hand, have found our forever homes.