You Can Now Buy Some Discounted Home Goods With Bitcoin is now accepting payments in bitcoin, making it the first major online retailer to embrace the increasingly popular but controversial digital currency.

Adrian Chen on Bitcoin FOMO

If anyone is sick of hearing about bitcoin but still hasn’t exactly figured out what it is, Adrian Chen has a great op-ed in the Times today that will both help you understand how it works and make you kind of regret not buying some when you first saw some jokey tweets about it.

“Never Buy Bitcoin Would Be My Advice”

We’ve been avoiding talking about bitcoins, mostly because every other website was already all over it and we didn’t have much to add, but we love Planet Money and Stephen Colbert, and their conversation about the digital currency is just perfect.

Bustillos on Bitcoins

Maria Bustillos on the rise of bitcoin for the New Yorker’s new tech blog, Elements, is excellent and readable.