What Were People Shopping for on Black Friday? Guns

As Ester wrote earlier this year, our culture often uses images of guns to sell other products—but this is a sober reminder that guns don’t have any trouble selling themselves.

Stores That Forced You to Work Over Thanksgiving Didn’t Earn as Much as Last Year

It doesn’t matter how many billions of dollars the retail industry earns this year, if that number is smaller than what it earned last year.

What Would You Do With a $4,185 Windfall?

The Cards Against Humanity team raised $71,145 from 11,248 people on Black Friday and split it among themselves. And then they each spent $4,185.

It’s Not Just “Small-Business Saturday.” Now It’s “Civilized Saturday” Too.

Get pampered.

Capitalism Vs. Family Values on Thanksgiving, The 2015 Edition

Retailers’ latest attempts to tamp down the pre-Christmas low-price consumerist hysteria and to make sure it doesn’t spill over onto Thanksgiving Day proper.

Daddy Bought a Gift for You

McSweeney’s had a dark humor piece titled “Merry Christmas, Son. I Trampled A Man To Death To Buy You This Leappad Ultra Tablet,” which spoke to me because I’ve been inundated in the last few days with PR emails about “Super Saturday Sales” and one-time deals, and I just can’t wait until this shopping season is over.

I Cracked Black Friday

The week before Thanksgiving, a friend posted on Twitter that the Kate Spade store in the Pentagon City mall in Arlington, Virginia needed extra hands on Black Friday. The mall opened at midnight on Thanksgiving and didn’t close until 10 p.m. on Friday night. Thinking this would be a fun adventure that would lead to a (possibly awesome) store discount, I went in for an interview. There was one interview question: what do you bring to this position? Brand knowledge and energy. I was hired immediately.

Retailers Want Thanksgiving to Be a Shopping Day

Since Thanksgiving is later this year, there are fewer shopping days between scarfing down stuffing and all of the December holidays, so retailers are figuring out whatever tricks they can pull to get people to open their wallets. Some have already launched major deals—I noticed a promotion by Levi’s on Twitter a few days ago, for example, that gave shoppers 40 percent off their online purchases.

Stay Home Next Week

Stay home, eat plates of food and take naps.