How Much The Borrowers Owe Us

We moved in nine months ago, and The Borrowers have already constructed a nice little nest out of some of our stuff. Here’s what we’ve lost in our apartment:

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Imagery to Capture the Moral Insanity of Modern Financial Services

So Matt Taibbi says the “moral insanity of modern financial services” is best described by the real-life image of a trader swapping day-old sushi for a nudge in the libor rate. I’ve got some other ideas.

Hot Tips for Your Summer Internship Lifestyle

How to be a little bit of an adult for a little of time.

My Last Hundred Bucks: A Sad Little Saga of Straphangery

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. What happened to your last hundo, Blair Thornburgh?

Zen and the Art of DIY Banjo Maintenance

Search Yelp: “music store Montreal.” Do extensive Googling to suss out exactly what a “light” banjo string is. Watch three or four YouTube walkthroughs of dadly-looking guys with nicer banjos than yours restringing them.


The cost of a long distance relationship? Considerable.

Things to Purchase for Young People Entering the Real World

I feel it’s incumbent on me—a very nearly recent graduate—to make a list of things that people like me actually need.

Breakfast for Beginners

Lunch and dinner may be left to the whims of fate, but breakfast belongs in the home.