Convenient Cooking, But at a Cost

My friend Liz and I recently discussed something we both have in common: As we’ve gotten increasingly more busy at work (she works for the city, I’m traveling more), we’ve cut down on the amount of time we used to spend planning meals and preparing them by eating the same easy-to-prep things over and over again (spinach or kale salads, avocado on toast, grilled cheese). To get out of this rut, Liz recently started using Plated, one of those meal-delivery companies that sends you ingredients from local farmers that you use to whip up dinner in 45 minutes or less (i.e. “braised chicken with gnocchi and artichokes,” or “cod with garlic potatoes”).

“There is no crying on the private wealth management floor”

Julissa Arce, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, fought — and occasionally bluffed — her way up through the ranks at Goldman Sachs.

Hacks for the Worst Airports in America

If you have to fly through Philly (PHL), soothe the savage beast with Crabfries at Chickie’s and Pete’s.

The High Cost of Entering the Magic Kingdom

People still love Disney, attendance numbers are high, and tickets are now $99 for a one-day pass at its Magic Kingdom Park near Orlando, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. In 1989, adult tickets for Disneyworld were $30.65—$57.82 adjusted for inflation in today’s dollars. Disney doesn’t care about increasing prices because they know people will still pay it

Minimum Wage Numbers, Here and Elsewhere

Bloomberg Businessweek has a fun graphic looking at the minimum wage by the numbers in the U.S. and a few other countries.

The iPhone as International Currency

Vernon Silver is a reporter for Bloomberg News based in Rome, and when an Italian worker heard he was visiting the U.S., she asked Silver if he could pick her up a gold unlocked iPhone 5s. She didn’t want the phone for her own personal use—she wanted to resell it back on the Italian market for a small profit.

Which Business Gets You to Swear on the Phone the Most?

Too Busy Counting Their Money to Care That You Hate Them

Think about the companies you love to hate: cable TV providers, cellphone carriers. It turns out that some of the most-hated companies out there don’t care that you hate them because they’re too busy going home to count all the money they’re making.

Can’t Afford to Buy, Can’t Afford to Rent

Is the rent too damn high? A Harvard study says yes, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Does Mexican Coke Really Taste Different From Coke Produced in the U.S.?

Mexican Coke has a small, but devoted slice of the Coke-drinkers market (a majority love Coca-Cola Classic, there are tons of Diet Coke admirers, and then there are the cherry and vanilla lovers). Mexican Coke uses real cane sugar (instead of the Coke in the U.S. which uses high-fructose corn syrup), and is bottled in small glass bottles—this for some people is all the difference. So much so that when the Mexican bottler of Coca-Cola let it slip that it was considering switching to high-fructose corn syrup to save money, fans of Mexican Coke expressed enough outrage to get the Mexican bottler to stick with cane sugar.