Would You Function Better Without Your Boss?

“In the place of bosses and managers, Zappos will create hundreds of committee-like ‘circles’ filled by employees.”

How to Be a Boss Boss

Today in Terrible Bosses: Dave Ramses II

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Interview With Someone Who Farted In Front of Her Boss

Okay, so you had something traumatic happen to you yesterday. But before we get into the incident itself, can you set the scene? Where were you? Who was present?

Should You Buy a Holiday Gift for Your Boss?

Do a Google search for “presents for bosses” or “etiquette for bosses present,” and there is no shortage of articles ready to dispense advice. On one hand, accepted etiquette through the years has been that presents in professional settings should flow down the command chain, not up.

Who’s the Boss?

Letters of Note posted a really great exchange between famed photographer Annie Leibovitz and Rolling Stone co-founder and publisher Jan Wenner regarding Leibovitz’s contract with the magazine in 1982.