The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

What horrible bosses teach us.

Boss Gets Bad Reviews, Has Feelings

Greg Hoy is the CEO of the growing design firm Happy Cog who wrote about finally giving in and participating in his company’s annual peer review process for the first time. The results? He kind of sucks.

If having your boss write a public journal entry where he discusses his shortcomings has ever been a dream of yours — and I know it’s been a dream of mine — you might find this very satisfying. Perhaps too satisfying.

My Boss Tried to Get Me to Join in on Her Beauty Pyramid Scheme (It Kind of Worked)

A boss introduces a pyramid scheme to her employee.

Will Work for Food

“Bob,” he says. “If you stay late tonight to work, you can order dinner and expense it.”

My Boss Googled Me

This morning I was in a meeting where my boss projects his laptop on a screen and discusses stuff with the team. At one point he switched to a browser to show us something on the web. There was text in his Google search bar: My name. Why?

The Annual Performance Review

Everybody in my company has a review once a year, around the time of when each employee was hired. Because my department has always been behind on reviews, mine usually happened in May or June (I was hired in early March). Ryan’s been with the company for just over a year now and he’s really diligent about company policy. When he saw my review’s due date approaching at the end of February, he kept reminding me that we needed to schedule a date for it.

How and Why Josh Eidelson Went From Being a Labor Activist to a Labor Journalist (Also: Labor 101)

Logan Sachon: Tell me about you, Josh Eidelson.

Josh Eidelson: I grew up outside of Philly and got involved in the labor movement in college. My first month in college I participated in civil disobedience with campus workers who were trying to win a union contract.

Boss Shares Profits