Harvard MBA Will Pay You $10K If You Find Him a Girlfriend

A 29-year-old Harvard MBA will pay you $10,000 to find him a long-term girlfriend.

Minding the Gap

Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

Money Addiction: It’s Really a Thing

Revolting Interns

This weekend, Melissa Schorr looked at some of the litigation that has been occurring against companies by unpaid interns, how some unpaid internships are disappearing (Conde Nast shuttered its internship program for 2014), and how colleges have remained conspicuously silent about the matter (companies feel better about offering no compensation if they think interns will get college credit they can actually use towards graduating).

Why Structured Job Interviews May Be Better Than Unstructured Ones

In the Boston Glove, Sarah Laskow goes into the problems with the unstructured job interview—the one where you go in and answer open-ended questions—mainly because it’s more about whether someone seems likable and less about whether she can do the job, which a structured interview would be able to better show.