Corporate America Sticks Both Feet In Its Mouth

Two companies this year have invested in splashy ad campaigns that seem to promote date rape: first Budweiser, now Bloomingdale’s. And Starbucks accidentally fired a salvo in the War On Christmas.

Are You a HENRY?

“Henry” describes a particular type of adult who has enough money to buy mid-range luxury goods and yet obstinately chooses not to buy them.

The Generic Brand Video

In February, Kendra Eash wrote a humor piece for McSweeney’s called “This Is a Generic Brand Video.” It’s now a video.

Olympics Commercials, Ranked

I watched some ads.

Jingle Me This

Tristan Clopet argues that every brand needs a jingle. EVERY SINGLE BRAND. Which means: You need a jingle because you are a brand! I need a jingle because I am a brand! This site needs a jingle because this site is a brand! The Billfold jingle, in my head, has always been the same as The Simpsons jingle. (“The Billlllllll-fold.”) But that’s probably jingle theft. What’s your jingle?

Millennials With Dollar$ to Spend

New Yorrkkkkkkkkk

Kim Kardashian’s Best-Selling Water

Even Kim Kardashian thinks it’s crazy that people buy her $10 bottle of regular water with her photo on the label. She does this all on the strength of her brand—not on talent. She doesn’t need to be talented: “Well, a bear can juggle and stand on a ball and he’s talented, but he’s not famous. Do you know what I mean?”

Target’s Triple Threat

You know how walking through Target makes you want to buy all of the things?