Link Roundup! “Breaking Bad” Dolls, Men’s Watches, Last Call for Holiday Flights

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Scheme to Get You to Pay for Six Minutes of TV

The CEO of DreamWorks Animation loved Breaking Bad so much that he wanted to pay $75 million for three more episodes (this was before he knew what the ending of the show would be)—but of course, he also wanted to make some money by doing it. His plan: Break up the episodes into six-minute segments (or 30 segments total) and then charge people 50-99 cents each to watch them, which means it would cost as much as $10 to watch a full episode.

My Last Hundred Bucks: Yes, I Live in Brooklyn, How Did You Know?

Where’d your last hundo go, Devon Maloney?

How to Score a Refund From Your Terrible Internet Service Provider in 12 Emotionally Complicated Steps

1) Decide after months of mind-numbingly slow Internet that it may be worth it to upgrade to the slightly faster version.