Los Angeles Announces $15 Minimum Wage By 2020

Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council made plans to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15/hr by 2020. This comes after a series of #FightFor15 protests, including a 15-day hunger strike in front of LA’s City Hall.

Fast Food Workers Fast to Raise Awareness, Minimum Wage

A group of fast-food workers who call themselves Women Fast for 15 or #Women15, are on Day 11 of a 15-day hunger strike held outside the LA City Hall.

#FightFor15 Stands Up for a Living Wage

Yesterday was #FightFor15, a nation-wide strike/protest/assembly where a reported 60,000 people in 200 cities rallied in support of a single goal: a $15 minimum wage, across America, as soon as possible.