Hell Is Other People’s Spending. Specifically My BF’s.

He tells me he has $20 in his checking account and receives exactly 10 minutes of pity from me before he reveals that it’s because he bought a new, ultra-slim wallet he saw in GQ, or a new watch even though he already has a bunch, or, my least favorite, gun parts.

Money, Power Dynamics and Finding Balance in a Relationship

During the first heady days of my moving to London, I texted this American guy I didn’t know very well and excitedly told him about how my rent was going to be reduced by £50 a month because I had chosen the smallest room, and he said, “You’re way too excited about that. Let me buy you dinner.” I knew he was one of the good ones.

My Wife and I Fought About Money, So We Created a System to Fix It

The first year of our marriage, my wife and I fought about money all the time. Her shoulders raised in defense whenever I tried to talk about her debt, and I became passive-aggressive when asking about purchases I was seeing in our joint checking account. So we decided to figure out how to fix this.