Anyone Can Be Fired At Any Time, Even Overnight Via Email

Zirtual fired 400 employees via email, and it appears that many (most?) of the employees had no idea that this was coming.

“Women Kill The Buzz”: Sexism, Silicon Valley, & What Happens Now

Press coverage of the event has noted that the situation is not as simple as “Pao lost.” For instance, as Buzzfeed points out, women tech reporters gained new prominence.

Real Life Firing Histories

By rights, I should have been fired for how I dealt with some of these customers, but the owners seemed to feel that having surly diners get a periodic dressing-down from an even surlier waiter who could turn on the Brooklyn when he was pissed was a good thing.

A Contractor Gets Fired for Voicing an Opinion

Certified mail is the “we need to talk” of written communication. The news is never good: The IRS is demanding additional money on top of the 10 percent penalty you already paid for an early 401(k) withdrawal; an old flame has reappeared in the form of a court order requesting establishment of paternity, or in my case, your employer is firing you for believing that African-Americans and Latinos are able to sit in a clinic waiting room without starting a race war.