Another Gift-Giving Question of the Day

How do you decide which friends get gifts, which friends get cards, and which friends get that Bath and Body Works sack of hand lotion that you have stashed away to regift to someone?

The Cost of Hanukkah: Almost Nothing

The cheapest, easiest holiday of the year is now officially over. Here’s what it cost me.

The Functionality of Gift Guides, From Cheap-o To Cadillac

“A thousand bucks for a bar cart. How could I possibly need this unless I live in the coach section of an airplane?

What Are You Getting Your Office Secret Santa This Year?

Check out Fast Company’s newest comedy sketch featuring the terrible gifts we are likely to receive from our Office Secret Santas this year. (It is very, very familiar.)

A Gift-Giving Question Of The Day

There are a lot of single people giving two gifts to their coupled friends, or three or four gifts to their friends with kids, and receiving one gift “from the Tanners.”

The Pros And Cons Of Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas means having to spend less money *and* less time being stressed. I should be happy.

Financial Responsibility Vs. Christmas

This year will be the first Christmas since 2007 that I have a job. I have the urge to buy presents for everyone and send out tons of Christmas cards. (The last time I had money, people still mailed cards.)

I Already Feel Like Scrooge; Are the Holidays Over Yet?

Like Scrooge, it isn’t that I lack income. It’s that I have already decided where that income needs to go, which means I have to say no to the rest of the holiday experiences around me.

Stores That Forced You to Work Over Thanksgiving Didn’t Earn as Much as Last Year

It doesn’t matter how many billions of dollars the retail industry earns this year, if that number is smaller than what it earned last year.

The Cost of Baking Candy Bar Pie

I don’t know what you all baked for Thanksgiving, but I read a BuzzFeed article titled “The Best Pie Is This Cookie Dough Pie Filled With Candy,” and immediately changed all of my Thanksgiving cooking plans.