$13K A Year For Poop: How Does That Compare On The Open Market

There’s a new, exciting, and even grosser than usual way to profit from your own biology. A lab in Boston wants your poop for a good cause. That’s right, your foul bodily waste could actually work magic for someone else.

Craigslist, ETC.

For a few months in the fall of 2012, I became something of an expert in Craigslist studies. A recent college graduate, I was a part-time unpaid intern and part-time retail employee. New to New York, I lived with four other underemployed recent grads in a three-bedroom apartment in Bed-Stuy, sleeping on the top bunk of an IKEA children’s bunk bed called “TROMSO.” I was living mainly on graduation gift money and savings from a summer spent working at UPS, supplemented by my $10 an hour retail gig. After one too many meals of $1 Trader Joe’s spaghetti noodles, I found a solution: Craigslist studies.