Want a Job? Move to San Jose

The data suggests that San Jose has more available jobs than it has unemployed residents. Perhaps it really is the best city in which to find a job.

A Goodbye to the Lad Mags and My Brief Stint in Publishing

It was with an odd sense of sadness when I noticed a long-ago boss’s post on Facebook recently: “FHM has closed. Very sad day.” Eight years ago, my 20-year-old self interned for the magazine, so this news and the reactions to it gives me the feeling of being a very young dinosaur.

When Tuesday Begins to Feel like Wednesday

If you’re at work on Tuesday and it feels like you’re already in the middle of the workweek, it might be because you’ve fallen into a routine of getting a jump on Monday by starting work on Sunday.

A Season of Housekeeping in Ohio

At age 53, my mother was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. When I started at the hotel that summer, we still thought it was possible that she might get better. By the time I quit, she was almost gone.

Working From Home Does Not Have to Be the Worst

“It’s official: Working from home is the worst,” writes Fusion’s Casey Tolan, pointing to research showing that “people who telecommute 15.1 hours a week or more (or roughly two days per week) actually report decreased job satisfaction.”

‘Cats on the Job’ Lists 50 Cats Who Are Bringing In The Scratch

There is an ordained minister cat—via the Universal Life Church, of course—and plenty of cats who have been hired to kill mice at various businesses, from distilleries to pubs. (Let’s not think about that one too hard.)

My Nine Months as an Uber Customer Service Rep

In 2014, I spent nine months as an Uber Customer Service Representative. I found the posting on Craigslist while looking for telecommuting jobs. At the time I didn’t think it would be the job I would later leave off of my resume.

Dissecting Cats With High School Students

As a first-year high school teacher, I was required to lead a cat dissection unit. This is my story.

Full-Time Dad, Part-Time Uber Driver

My primary responsibilities as a stay-at-home dad of three consist of breaking up toddler fights before they go from hilarious to incapacitating and somehow finding a way to pay half of our household bills. To do the latter, I’ve held a variety of part-time and odd-hour jobs.

The Salary History Anchor

Bourree Lam writes in the Atlantic about the negative results that can occur when a prospective employer asks for your salary history.