My Lifelong Fascination With American Express

I decided that as soon as I was a grown up, I would get an American Express card.

The Cost of Silencing a College Newspaper

How a “rich, white males” quote in an editorial in a college newspaper jeopardized its future.

Future Marketers May Try to Capitalize on Our Initials

How hard could it be to send out custom email campaigns designed to attract prospects with the same initials or names as your cause? These prospects are, after all, psychologically predisposed to give you money.

Link Roundup! Best Retirement Ever; Think Like A Marketer; Manterruption, & More

Of course, room, board, and entertainment cost her $164,000 a year, but she gets to travel the world and dance every night. Maybe she’ll even meet a Jack Dawson!

Happy Birthday From Our Corporation!

I Fell for Taylor Swift’s Marketing Strategy

I was also impressed by Swift’s ability to market herself well. She really is a marketing genius. When her newest album came out, I bought it, not because I had been waiting to buy it, truthfully, but because buying it was the only way you could listen to it.

Learning to Do Anything Well is Not Easy

There’s a difference between being able to do something, and being able to do something well, and that’s what Rob Spectre, AKA Brooklyn Hacker, learned when he left his job as a developer to take a marketing position.

We Are Such Easy Marks

Effie Award-winning marketing campaigns that probably would have worked on me, had I been exposed to them.

Target’s Triple Threat

You know how walking through Target makes you want to buy all of the things?