The Cost Of College Tuition In 1692

How 17th century American Puritans did taxes, banks, and paying for college. (It involves mutton.)

Massachusetts Unionized Home Care Workers Get $15 Minimum Wage

The union, United Healthcare Workers East or 1199SEIU, is the first group of home care workers in the country to receive a $15 minimum wage.

Adoption Fees, Court Costs, Taxes: The Hidden Costs of Same-Sex Parenthood

“The most exciting thing about having DOMA struck down is that our taxes went down by half.”

Amazon Begins Collecting Sales Tax in Massachusetts and Connecticut Today

For those who haven’t heard, I am sorry to tell you that as of this morning, Amazon sales in MA are now subject to sales tax. A victory for brick-and-mortar stores, the state of Massachusetts, and anyone who panics when their accountant asks them how much they spent on online purchases since last April (this may not be related to sales tax but that question always freaks me out). Amazon already charges sales tax in a dozen other states. The change in MA is projected to earn the state an extra 37 million dollars this year. Think of how many libraries you could keep open with that kind of money!

If I Had to Live on $7.25 An Hour, I’d Move Out of New York

There is a lot of pressure on the federal and state level right now to raise the minimum wage of $7.25 to something workers can actually live on.