Do-It-Yourself Or Have Someone Do-It-For-You?

Mostly, when it comes to DIY projects, I either like to pay for what I need, ready to be used, or I just do without.

On Choosing the Cheapest Thing: A Dialogue With Myself

Part of me is still: Nicole, you did the thing again. The thing where you pick the cheapest one.

I Know How Sisyphus Feels: My Stint As A Mover

At a molecular level, there’s not much of a difference between matter and empty space. Just try telling that to a mover.

Why I Gave Up on Thrift Stores and Craigslist and Dropped $496.42 at Ikea

I might have considered buying Saggy the Couch if it hadn’t cost about the same as the low-end stuff at Ikea.

The People You Have to Trust to Rent an Apartment

First, you have to trust that the Craigslist post is real.

How Much Furniture Does One Apartment Need?

I’ll need a lot of stuff to turn this place into a home, and I’ll need to not be afraid about buying it.

I Put Down a Holding Deposit On an Apartment

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from the Seattle apartment hunt, it’s that you can find another place in an afternoon, if you are the first person to the apartment after the listing posts.

Movin’ On Up While Keeping Costs Down

Prepping to move is a great time to try KonMarie!

On Living The Dream, And Living To Regret It (Sort Of)

I longed to trade my two hour commute for a fifteen minute bike ride. I imagined the adobe cabin we could live in, surrounded by desert emptiness.

Apartment Hunts, Communities of Excellence, and Living in NYC on $5,000 a Year

Startup Castle is offering single rooms at $1,750/mo and shared rooms at $1,000/mo. But the ideal applicant can’t watch more than 4 hours of TV a week, can’t have more than one tattoo, and can’t have attended more than one protest in their lifetime.