We May Not Live To See Our Glory (Retirement)

The new retirement age is RIP.

Money After Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court ruled today that married gays and lesbians are entitled to federal benefits, but didn’t say whether or not there is a constitutional right to marriage. This means that gay couples who are married in the 13 states that have legalized gay marriage (and D.C.) are entitled to equal treatment when it comes to things like income and estate taxes, Social Security, and inheritances (see: Edith Windsor).

Nerd Wallet has a very good rundown of some of the financial implications for gay couples now that DOMA has been struck down. Gay couples who file jointly and earn more than $146,400, for example, may see their tax bills go up due to marginal tax rates.

A Contest for the Young and Financially Savvy

Unfortunately, I am too old to apply, but I know a lot of young, financially savvy people read The Billfold, and would make great contestants.

A Money Planning Tool for Gay Couples

Just in time for Pride Month!

Reader Mail: How Do I Compare Credit Card Offers?

I’d like to sever ties completely with WF and transfer my balance (about $700-800) to a new card, but I have no idea how to choose one! Any tips/suggestions on how to compare card offers and get the best deal in terms of interest rates, reward programs, etc?