Retirement Anxiety Despite Multiple Sources of Income

Can a couple in their mid-60s fully retire on social security income, pension money, and rental income? I would hope so! But this is the question that’s being asked in this week’s Money Makeover column in the L.A. Times.

Think Of The Money I Could Make By Simply Ruining My Life With Airbnb

My sister is in town, staying at an Airbnb in the neighborhood. Or the neighborhood-ish. The intolerable and overpriced part of the neighborhood, that is. PEAK WILLIAMSBURG.

Interview With Someone Whose Parents Didn’t Really Have to Work, Per Se

A few months ago we talked about the things we learn about work from our parents, and the ways it can shape our views on work and the kind of life we pursue (or try not to!). When copywriter and Billfold reader Lily Hudson suggested we do a series on the subject, she was an obvious first candidate. Lily’s parents made a living in a pretty unconventional way when she was growing up, which left her, as she mentioned in her first comment, with “no idea of what a ‘career’ was or how to have one.” Let our series of psychoanalyzing begin!

Playing Professional Basketball Didn’t Work Out, But Working as an Actuary Did

Adam, 30, earns $170,000 (not including bonuses) working in an actuary-type role. “Have you seen Along Came Polly? I basically have Ben Stiller’s job.”