On Living The Dream, And Living To Regret It (Sort Of)

I longed to trade my two hour commute for a fifteen minute bike ride. I imagined the adobe cabin we could live in, surrounded by desert emptiness.

When Paradise Is Home

$10 would get us a plate lunch with meat, mac salad, and rice, everything we needed to keep us going. At night, my friends and I would walk up and down Waikiki strip, pretending to be tourists and laughing as we were catcalled roaming the shopping malls.

The Rust Belt, a Biodynamic Farm, and Other Places I’ve Lived

Where have you lived, Nicole Johns?

Searching for a Dream Apartment But Finding Only Nightmares

Where have you lived, Zoe Daniels?

A Young Woman, From Providence to New York

Where have you lived, Jaime Green?

Places I’ve Lived: Ireland, My Grandmother’s, and A Place to Plant Roots

When the cab driver dropped me off at my new home, he warned me about the neighborhood. “Oh, no, love, you don’t want to live here,” he said. “It’s not safe.”

Places I’ve Lived: Open Concept Dorm, A Boyfriend’s House, and Screaming Neighbors

The first place I lived that wasn’t my parents’ home was an on-campus residence at Durham College. The first suite I was put in was open concept, which meant there was a 1.5-meter high by 1.5-meter wide dividing wall between two beds.

Places I’ve Lived: A Shelter, A Farm, and San Francisco

Where have you lived, Colleen Hubbard?

Places I’ve Lived: Upstairs, Downstairs, Wood Stairs, No Stairs

Moulton Hall, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, $1300/mo including tuition and food.

Housing 600 19 to 21 year old women, Moulton smelled like a lipgloss factory explosion. My roommate and I were lucky: the room was big enough to house four students, which it would do just a year later, and had two windows, one of which looked over a forest path.

Places I’ve Lived: A Trailer, the Wilderness and Converted Storage Space

Granville Ave, “Fort Granville”, Winston-Salem, N.C, $325/mo
That would be a lovely three-bedroom North Carolina house on a hill with a full wrap-around porch, porch swing included.