The Laborers in the Blue Collar Temp Industry

From Public University To Tony Country Club

Marian Wang at ProPublica has a telling interview with the former president of Miami University, James Garland. More commonly known as Miami of Ohio, Miami University is a public university that, according to Garland, is “public in name only.” He describes the strategy they undertook to weather the economic downturn on a diminishing state budget, and the regrets he has in retrospect, despite the success of their efforts.

The $750,000 Story

Did you listen to last week’s This American Life episode about how acetaminophen kills about 150 Americans every year due to accidental overdoses? The story, among many other things, showed the long, difficult, and frustrating process of getting warning labels onto acetaminophen bottles. The story, which took two years to report, was done by an investigative unit at ProPublica. Today, The Atlantic reports how much it cost to report the story: $750,000, which is an extraordinary amount of money dedicated to one story. That money went to pay: “reporters, news applications and web developers, editors, video production, social media and PR, travel, legal review, half of the public opinion poll etc.” The cost of producing the This American Life episode was a separate matter. Was it worth it? Peter Osnos writes: “…what price do you suppose a parent with a young, feverish child might put on these disclosures?”

Internships Reevaluated Around the World and at Medill

The U.S. isn’t the only country examining labor issues and dealing with legal problems when it comes to unpaid interns. Interns across the world are fighting for their fair shake when it’s clear that an employer should be paying them for the work that they’re doing, according to the Times.

An Investigation of Installment Loans

ProPublica and Marketplace looked into the world of installment loans and investigated how lenders make money off of selling high-interest loans to low-income Americans.

“Raiteros” and Temp Workers in Chicago

Why Tax Software Companies Are Fighting “Return-Free Filing”

What if instead of hiring a tax preparer or using tax software you have to pay for, the government would do your taxes for free?

Leak Your Own Award Letters

ProPublica and the Chronicle of Higher Education are investigating student debt.