Is Private Housing The Problem? (And Is Public Housing The Answer?)

“Treating real estate as privately owned wealth, as a financial asset, has devastating public effects.”

“It’s unclear where one can live comfortably, affordably, & ethically in New York.”

If the housing situation is Portland is rough, the situation in New York is galactically bad, apocalyptically bad, as bad as those first three Star Wars prequels.

98 Cities Out Of 100, It’s Better To Buy Than Rent

Rent vs buy? Buy, says Trulia.

“What Women Want” Is Eye-Candy Real Estate: The World Of Nancy Meyers

Slate has put together a fun feature that combines two of my favorite things: real estate and movies.

A Minority View On Inner-City Poverty

“Building new affordable housing in wealthy areas takes investment away from the downtrodden areas that most need it.”

Happy Birthday! I Bought You Something That Costs $5K A Month

Don’t buy someone a present that costs them money.

The Rent Is Officially Too Damn High For ‘Pretty Much Everyone’

People who are spending 50-70% of their take-home pay on rent can’t pay down their student loans or save for retirement, meaning that more of them will end up depending on social services later on.

What to Look For in a Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right real estate agent can often make the difference between a smooth real estate transaction and a stressful one. A good agent stands up for both your rights and your needs, whether you are looking to buy, sell, or both—and a really good agent can save you a lot of money during the process.

“Would You Rather?” Real Estate Edition

Would you rather live in the shoebox or in the Startup Castle? Or perhaps you’d like to see what’s behind Door #3?

When Down Payments Grow On Family Trees

If young adults held out until we ourselves could afford down payments as well as closing costs, fees, and mortgage payments, far fewer of us would buy property. But let’s not pretend the system is fair.