The Complicated Costs of Marrying a Dual Citizen

My husband is an Italian citizen, but I am not. Consequently, although I’ve lived in Pescara the last three months, I am still legally a resident of Massachusetts. We’re waiting on a long-stay visa; until then, I’m here as a tourist.

Relationships Are Needs, Not Wants

Going to a professional development workshop will put me in contact with other writers and editors in Seattle. Going to see Hamilton will put me in New York, where I’ll get to visit my NYC clients and (I hope) say hi to Mike and Ester in person. These are wants, but they’re also relationship-building wants—and I need relationships.

The Cost Of Trying To Seem Perfect Via 5 Years Of Holiday Cards

As years passed, our shoots got more elaborate and more expensive.

“Ain’t Saying She’s A Gold-Digger”: Why We Admire Some Fs Who Seek Rich Ms & Condemn Others

What makes a gold-digger?

Thoughts for the Soon-to-Be-Retired

Working things out for my parents, and maybe even for myself.

What I Learned About Money After Growing Up With A Parent Who’s An Addict

My father had a heroin problem. Although he didn’t mean to, he taught me a lot about personal finance in the process.

When Dog Training Classes Are More About Your Break Up Than Anything Else

I broke up with my live-in boyfriend of six years and took my dog to an advanced training course.

When Going Broke Made My Marriage Stronger

It’s crazy to think that before his work dried up (an ever-present threat to freelancers) we didn’t really have a budget.

How To Buy Your Lover Flowers

If you are committed to going through with this purchase, do it right.

In My Time of Need, a Rich Friend Helped Me Put Together a Budget

I lost a job, suffered through a broken engagement, and worried about my five-figure credit card debt. Enter Rich Friend and her fountain pen.