The End of an Era

This weekend, we saw the ending of an iconic American cultural marker; one that shaped the lives of the middle class by allowing them a peek into the lives of the rich, a realistic New York fantasy that embraced creativity and commerce simultaneously, shaped fashions, and left us with both nostalgia—that old wound—and fond memories of a well-placed musical number.

Apartment Hunts, Communities of Excellence, and Living in NYC on $5,000 a Year

Startup Castle is offering single rooms at $1,750/mo and shared rooms at $1,000/mo. But the ideal applicant can’t watch more than 4 hours of TV a week, can’t have more than one tattoo, and can’t have attended more than one protest in their lifetime.

New Map Lists Median Rent at Every Manhattan Subway Stop

I’m sure you all will tell me why 190th Street is preferable to 181st Street, or why rents jump from $1,290 at 125th Street to $1,506 at 116th Street.

More Than 88,000 People Apply for 55 Affordable Apartments in “Poor Door” Building

Each potential applicant has an approximate 0.06 percent chance of getting one of these affordable apartments.

A Conversation with a Photographer Who Earns $50,000 a Year

Grant: I’m 28, live in Chicago, Ill. My fiancé and I just moved to a neighborhood called Logan Square last weekend. I am a photographer.

Short on Rent

A friend called me last night to ask what to do when you’re short on rent.

14 Birds Who Bounced Their Rent Check


WWYD: I Paid My Rent, I Swear

Today on “WWYD,” paying your rent, but still seeing the money in your account.

The Future of Renting Your Room for the Short-Term

I like the service Airbnb is trying to provide. Is it contributing to higher rental prices in cities like San Francisco and New York and pricing out locals? Unclear. Does it provide an unsafe environment for neighbors concerned with strangers coming into buildings—another maybe, and Craiglist has already filled that role for some time now. We’ll have to see what happens to Warren, and what the lobbyists end up accomplishing.

Rental Payment History

I’m not sure if there’s a lesson here besides: Make sure you have easy access to copies of major payments you’ve made somewhere. Thankfully, Chase had electronic copies of two years’ worth of checks online.