What Do You Do If Someone Sells Your Instagram Selfie For $90K?

ArtNews calls Prince sexist, which feels apt to me: he’s taking self-portraits by young women and imposing his own subjectivity over theirs, turning them into commodities as well as objects at which he — and his other rich male art friends — can leer.

“Women Kill The Buzz”: Sexism, Silicon Valley, & What Happens Now

Press coverage of the event has noted that the situation is not as simple as “Pao lost.” For instance, as Buzzfeed points out, women tech reporters gained new prominence.

Women At Work, At Home, & At Rest — JK, At Work Again

Parent Penalty FOR MOMS ONLY Blah Blah Blah Let’s Talk About Something More Cheerful

The Gender Gap Starts at Home — With Your Allowance

A Case Against Telling Your Coworkers What You Earn

While I don’t dispute the notion that transparency can prevent people from being underpaid, the chaos that can be caused by people sharing their salaries suggests that there needs to be a better way to share that information.

If You Want Your Kids to Get Jobs, Don’t Name Them ‘Kim’ Or Have Them Be Female

Kim O’Grady applied to a lot of jobs. So many jobs. Kim O’Grady got 0 responses. Kim O’Grady was like, “What is UP with this, I am a qualified applicant, a gift to my field, anyone should want me. What is GOING ON.” Then as an experiment Kim O’Grady added “MR.” in front of “Kim O’Grady.” An invitation for an interview came the next day, and a job offer the next week.

Kim is a dude so this all worked out for him but maybe the rest of us should try it anyway and then show up in a dress and be all, a HA.


Forbes’ Meghan Casserly explains how to calmly call out sexism as work.