Kate Winslet Thinks Talking About Money Is Vulgar. Let’s Convert Her!

“I don’t like talking about money; it’s a bit vulgar isn’t it?”

A Summer Without

I detest discussions about money – or, more specifically, ones concerning ways I cannot spend it. This disinclination may be the most obnoxious marker of my privilege.

Lessons About Money From Our Twenties

The Haves and the Have-nots

I was raised in a family where talking about money was not taboo. My father did a good job of raising two girls on a variety of incomes—money, was tight, and because of this, I was always aware of what we did and didn’t have.

Talking Money

The Wall Street Journal’s Katy McLaughlin wrote her final column about money this weekend, and her takeaway is something we always talk about here: What we learn from each other when we talk about our money.

Money and Class at Yale University

Related to my post earlier today about class issues at Duke University, a reader sent me a link to the November issue of The Yale Daily News Magazine, which examines this issue on campus in detail.

Coming Out as Poor at Duke University

KellyNoel Waldorf, a student at Duke, has an editorial in The Duke Chronicle about “coming out as poor” in a college atmosphere where she says talking about class has been difficult for her. And it’s not the kind of “poor student on a ramen diet” that’s prototypical of the “broke college student,” but things like having to lie about reasons why she couldn’t socialize because she felt ashamed about not having money, and having her mother calling her crying, telling her that she doesn’t have enough gas money to pick her up for Thanksgiving.

A Conversation With an Artist/Nonprofit Worker About Her Money

Margaret: I’m 29, I work in the communications department at a nonprofit, and I live in Brooklyn/work in Manhattan.

Talking About Money, But Not Talking About Money

When we talk about money, we’re often not talking about money. We’re talking about our hopes and our fears, the plans we’re making and the ones we’d rather not make.

How Dealbreaker’s Matt Levine Does Money

We all do money differently. How do you do money, Matt Levine, Dealbreaker editor?