The Cost of Hanukkah: Almost Nothing

The cheapest, easiest holiday of the year is now officially over. Here’s what it cost me.

The Complicated Costs of Marrying a Dual Citizen

My husband is an Italian citizen, but I am not. Consequently, although I’ve lived in Pescara the last three months, I am still legally a resident of Massachusetts. We’re waiting on a long-stay visa; until then, I’m here as a tourist.

The Cost of Quitting Med School

I imagine line items for indulgent expenses while I live with four roommates. This is all slightly complicated by the fact that in March, I withdrew from medical school.

The Fancier The Hotel, The Fewer The Freebies

Why is it that an $80 a night hotel will feed you and a $280 a night hotel will not? I’ve wondered this for years now, ever since staying in a swank Boston establishment for an academic conference.

The Cost of Learning to Drive

I don’t know that I believe in the freedom provided by road trips promised by so many American writers, sadly unattainable in an island nation that stretches 42 kilometres from east to west.

Fifty Years Old and Sandwiched Between Two Generations

Women in their fifth decade often find themselves wedged, viselike, between two generations.

In Charge of a Thanksgiving Side

American Thanksgiving seemed to come suddenly this year, and I didn’t make plans until very recently, when a handful of my “orphaned” friends asked me if I was interested in having Thanksgiving with them, and I said, yes, of course, just tell me what to bring.

(S)extra Room: The Cost Of A “Non-Private” Living Arrangement

A search online for cheap, quick housing turned up a category that I never knew existed: roommates with benefits.

When “Home For The Holidays” Means Your Home: The First Friendsgiving

I’d never cooked a turkey or made stuffing in my life, but I figured it was nothing the Internet couldn’t teach me how to do.

The Cost of Living in the Most Affordable City In America

Forbes named Birmingham, Alabama, the most affordable city in America in their list for 2015, and as a freshly-minted Birminghamite, I’d have to agree.