“Don’t Say You’re Sorry”: Advice On Firing People From Time & J. Crew

It’s usually awkward when the news reports that you’re outsourcing American union jobs to Manilla. It’s even more awkward when you’re caught telling your managers to refuse to apologize.

Losing the Familiarity of What We Used to Call Home

In 2011, when I arrive at my parents’ house in Pittsburgh for the last time before they move across the country, I find wardrobe boxes in my old bedroom. In the kitchen, new appliances (toaster, faucet) have appeared, and the second floor bathrooms—tiny sinks; fifties tile—long ago merged into one spacious room, whose shower doesn’t take a year to heat up in winter. It’s as though the house knows my parents are leaving, and is shedding evidence of their presence plate by plate, wall-hanging by wall-hanging.