The Pros And Cons Of Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas means having to spend less money *and* less time being stressed. I should be happy.

Shopping With Moms & What To Do When They Say “Just Try It?”: A Friday Chat

When shopping with Mom, stay as far from the body as possible. Coats great! Bras bad.

A Tomato Sauce Tradition

No one in my family has ever bought a jar of pasta sauce. It’s just not our style. Like most Italian families around here, we’d go to the basement and grab a jar of our homemade sauce off the shelves. Growing up, I didn’t even know that not everyone did this.

Dining at Formal Hall at Oxford

Despite the fantastic Lebanese mezze there is to be found in the Temple Lounge off Cowley Road, despite the remarkable momos from the truck that appears every Wednesday at the Gloucester Green market, and despite the best efforts of the much beleaguered co-operative People’s Supermarket (which in fact closed for good two years ago), perhaps the most famous food in Oxford in England is to be found on the table of formal hall.


I have hosted Thanksgiving at my apartment for the past three years, mostly because I intensely dislike the idea of sitting on a crowded Metro-North train for two hours the Wednesday before, hiding behind magazines in order to avoid the people on the train I haven’t seen since high school. We are not a Christmas family. Thanksgiving, with its food and its revelry and the easy familiarity of drinking a nice glass of red wine around 3 p.m. with people I haven’t seen in a year is our tradition.

Can I Give You $1,000 and NOT Be a Bridesmaid?

Looking Back at Our Financial Selves in 2013, And Christmas Traditions

Happy Holidayz.

On Easter Egg Hunts and Allowances

Logan: I just spent a long time reading Wikipedia pages about Easter and eggs and bunnies, and what I discovered was: Eggs and rabbits have been symbols of fertility and rebirth, forever, even Before Jesus, and then after Jesus, the egg also became a symbol of the tomb, though most people ignore that part. “Here, have this tomb.” Also, symbolism is great. That is what I learned today.

Our Most Memorable Holiday Movie-Watching Experiences

Do you have a tradition of watching Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween? Did you watch Home Alone on Thanksgiving when it came out 22 years ago, or have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon with your family when you celebrate whatever you’re celebrating in December? We asked some of our contributors to share some of their most memorable holiday movie-watching experiences. What, nobody has a Human Centipede tradition?

A Tradition of Lucky Money

My mom is superstitious: knock wood, don’t jinx it, pick up lucky money. Like many people she learned the superstitions from her mother and has passed down to me a vague uneasiness about violating them.