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The world of work is changing for millennials.

Here’s A Foolproof Idea: Let’s Pay Sarah Silverman Less Than A Dude!

Though millennial women know they should negotiate salary and benefits packages (except at Reddit), most — about 60% — apparently don’t.

How You Hope You Don’t Sound Like When Asking for a Raise

From our pal Michelle Markowitz: Just wanted to pass along this video from Fast Company on how people really interpret what you say when you ask for a raise (if you’re not careful).

Our Most Memorable Holiday Movie-Watching Experiences

Do you have a tradition of watching Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween? Did you watch Home Alone on Thanksgiving when it came out 22 years ago, or have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon with your family when you celebrate whatever you’re celebrating in December? We asked some of our contributors to share some of their most memorable holiday movie-watching experiences. What, nobody has a Human Centipede tradition?