Billfold Book Review: ‘How to Start Your Very First Business’

Still looking for that last-minute holiday gift for a child aged 9-12? I recently received a review copy of How to Start Your Very First Business, the newest book in the Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club series.

IUDs For Everyone! $50 A Pop

Why should your birth control cost more than an iPhone?

Warren Buffett Predicts We Will Drink More Coca-Cola

Buffett told his audience that they should stick with brands that people love—such as Coca-Cola—and stay away from anyone selling those icky vegetables or health foods.

Investment Advice from Warren Buffett (It’s All About Low-cost Index Funds)

The latest edition of Warren Buffett’s shareholder letter champions the low-cost index fund as the smart way to invest (as we’ve mentioned previously.

Warren Buffett Bets You Won’t Have a Perfect March Madness Bracket

Anyone here think they have a good chance of putting together the perfect bracket when March Madness comes around soon? Warren Buffett doesn’t think you have a good chance. In fact, Warren Buffett thinks your odds are so terrible that he is willing to write a $1 billion check to the person who comes up with a perfect NCAA tournament bracket, because when you are wealthy you can offer that kind of thing and mean it. My method of putting together brackets has been doing it by “feel” rather than knowledge of any of the teams, so I probably won’t be sitting with Warren Buffett at the final game while he roots against me, but maybe that person will be you.

The Next Housing Bubble

It looks like the banks have short-term memories.

What Kind of Trouble Can the Banks Stir Up?

And these are things that have only come to the surface. Who knows what other things are lurking in the shadows.

The Billionaires of India

The Financial Times examined some of India’s newest richest people (men), and found that as India’s economy rapidly grew in the last decade, the wealth began corrupting people (surprise!).

The Cost of Warren Buffett’s Cancer Treatment

There is a bit of controversy about Warren Buffett’s chosen cancer treatment! It’s one of the most expensive ways to treat prostate cancer, but its efficacy is comparable to cheaper treatments.